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Who We Are

About Our Company

Apoorva Foundation, founded in 1998, by Apurva Bhagat, is focused at helping people have a healthy credit. Over the years, our company has aided many clients overcome poor credit score and increase their credibility.
We are a trend setter not for profit organization in Indian financial industry. We have been providing quality credit diagnostics services at affordable cost for their financial health.
Our primary concerns are the financial and emotional well being of the entire society in general and particularly those who are in financial distress. We use the precise technology to tailor the credit solutions that can help us meet clients’ requirements. We bring into fore our distinctive merge of facts and capabilities to resolve a range of challenges in manifold industries.
Our approach towards dealing with a client’s credit score is what makes us stand out in the market. Vouching for our success and liability are the satisfied clients, who have got to upgrade their credit score and maintain a healthy score.

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Our Founder & Chairman

Apurva Bhagat is a Finance professional having 20 years of experience in the field of Finance, Taxation, Project Financing & Personal Loans requirement.
Over last 20 years he has been built his expertise in Credit Analysis. To achieve the mission of company, Apoorva Foundation has conducted numerous awareness seminars across 30 leading banks in India.
Presently, Apoorva mentors a team of CA’s and other qualified professionals who holds great expertise and helps clients to the best of their capabilities. He work with the aim of protecting a person’s credit status and helping him or her maintain a healthy credit score.

Our Vision

Empowered Indians leading healthy financial lives.

Our Approach

We follow a holistic approach when dealing with a client’s profile. Our team puts in all the effort for thorough market research and analysis that helps us in offering the client with the best of solutions in minimal time.

Our Mission

Through financial education and debt resolution, we empower and strengthen Indians to achieve their and goals and improve their quality of life.

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