Banks are threatening me about classifying me as a default customer and put my name in CIBIL. Can Apoorva Foundation Stop this?

CIBIL does not maintain any defaulters list, however banks can update the status of the respective account with CIBIL. If payments are not made on time or if payments are not made intentionally, banks can update the status of the customers in CIBIL even as Sub Standard or for that matter even as willful default. However if your situation is genuinely bad and you are not in a state to make full payment , Apoorva Foundation can approach your lenders on your behalf and arrive at a settlement option with good waivers or discounts on the current outstanding on your account.

Can Apoorva Foundation help to get my name out of CIBIL?

There is no such option available, CIBIL maintains collects and maintains all credit information. If there has been defaults in your account and if you have resolved the issues with the banks by making full payments or settlements, such status will be updated accordingly in your credit report. However even after settlement or closure of the accounts the history of such accounts will still be there on your credit report.

How long will it take for Apoorva Foundation to get my CIBIL score?

You can get your credit report within 4 to 14working days based on the document you provide. My loan got rejected because of CIBIL Score does that mean I will never get a loan? Your score with CIBIL is dynamic and keeps changing , once you have realized that your score is low and have taken a positive decision towards working on your credit score ,no doubt your scores will move up and you will get a loan or a card in the future. However the time line for such improvements is in the range of 12 to 24 months based on your current score and your efforts towards managing your debts.

How to solve issues on my CIBIL score?

You can approach CIBIL directly by filing dispute requests or alternatively approach Apoorva Foundation for the same. We will analyze your report and on obtaining feedback from you, we will help you to file the dispute request with CIBIL and also help you to approach the lender simultaneously to resolve the issue.

I never had a loan but my CIBIL report shows some defaults?

Millions of records are maintained by CIBIL and some time if the financial institutions have wrongly reported due to some errors, there is a possibility of such defaults on your account .However If you believe that either some of the personal details or one or more accounts on your credit report do not belong to you, you should write to the credit bureau. The credit bureau will look into the matter and help you update the information if required.

Can I increase my score in some way immediately?

No there are no shortcuts. It’s a gradual process and one has to work over a period of time to increase the score.

Can Apoorva Foundation help me in increasing the score?

Apoorva Foundation has been in the business for over 5 years now and we understand the various factors considered in the dynamism of your credit score. Once we obtain your Credit report and simultaneously understand your financial situation, we can analyze and come with a tailor made solution for you to work on your credit score. We have several remedial solutions that we offer based on the situations you are in. Remedial solutions are different for each of the clients.

Why should I work with Apoorva Foundation on my CIBIL score?

Online CIBIL score can be obtained yourself. However just buying a report and reading the report would not be just sufficient especially when either one of your loan or card is rejected or you were told that the score was not enough or just CIBIL not cleared from the banker. With the years of experience and with professionals who have specialized in this field of business, you chances of resolving issues and moving forward faster and the right way is always better than you doing it yourself.

What is the advantage of working with Apoorva Foundation on my CIBIL?

Apoorva Foundation will start working from filing an application for the credit report and will work with you until the issues are resolved. Apart from the dispute resolution on your report, there could be old accounts with large out standings after adding all the penal interests and other cost to your account. In such cases our Debt Negotiation team will liaison with the respective financial institution and negotiate on your behalf and get waivers on your account and help you close the account in the right way. Not only this after closing the account with the financial institution Apoorva Foundation will help you obtain a fresh report from CIBIL to confirm if the settlements or closures are updated accordingly else we further work with you until the issue is resolved o your credit report.

What is the CIBIL TransUnion Score?

The CIBIL TransUnion Score is a 3 digit numeric summary of your credit history. The Score is derived by using the details found in the “Accounts” and “Enquiries” sections on your Credit Information Report (CIR) and ranges from 300 to 900 points. The closer your Score is to 900, the more favourably your loan application will be viewed by a lender. The Score plays a critical role in the loan approval process.