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We deal in Credit Rectification Services to ensure Credit Healthy and Wealthy life for all our clients.

We are pioneer in Credit Repair Business in India to provide quality services to each and every one at their doorstep with our presence in PAN India level.

Free Credit Counseling

Apoorvaa Foundation has been providing free, professional and confidential credit counseling services to people all over the country.

Evaluation and Recommendations

Our team of certified counselors will collect all the necessary documentations and information from you to pull a valid and authentic Credit Information Report (CIR)

Updation of Negative Flags

Our dedicated team coordinate with the Credit Bureaus and your creditors to challenge any inaccuracies or errors reflecting on your Credit Information Report that affect your credit health and score.

Improve Credit Score

Your Credit Score is more than just a number though it is a numerical expression based on a detail analysis of a person’s Credit history, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual.

Debt Settlement

If you are stuggling with any debt like credit card or loans, Apoorvaa Foundation will stand by your side to help financial freedom by negotiating with your creditors,

How it Works

We emphasize on data and advance technology to assist you to be credit healthy.

Get your Credit Score

Get your Master Credit Report and Score for Credit Bureaus from Apoorvaa Foundation

Online in Detail Evaluation

  • Assist you to understand drawbacks in your Credit Report
  • Expert advice to address your Negative Flags

Pragmatic Measures

  • Get a personalized counseling and evaluation to take actions to improve Credit Score and other Negative Flags
  • Improve your chances to avail maximum loan and higher limit in credit card
  • Lower EMI, less borrowing cost and less processing charges


Served More Than 100000 Clients


It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, have positive review that tingle us to upgrade our self to serve even in better way.

We believe our innovative and proactive way of approach to deal with each and every clients make us most trusted brand in Credit Repair Business.

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We stand by you to help you in your most crucial problem with our reliable and legal solutions.

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