What is an IPO? Initial public offering or initial public offering is a type of initial public offering in which the shares of a company are sold to institutional investors and usually also to private investors. An initial public offering is signed by one or more investment banks, which also arrange for the shares to be listed on one or more stock exchanges. How is IPO a great investment opportunity? By going public, companies can raise capital by selling shares. Furthermore, companies do not have to return the capital obtained through the IPO. Companies can offer shares as an incentive, bonus, or as part of an employment contract. IPOs can be overvalued: If a company is a good investment, it is a good investment after the IPO. In fact, it may be even better to wait until after the IPO, when the stock price stabilizes or even declines as the excitement subsides. Also, make sure you don’t get carried away with IPO investments. Earning through IPOs: So if you applied for an initial public offering of the stocks above and sold them at the closing price on the trading day, the statistics show that you can easily make a 250% profit. All transactions that take place on the stock exchange after the IPO takes place between investors. The company does not receive any of this money directly. On the day of the IPO, when money from major investors enters the company’s bank account, it is the only money the company receives from the IPO. Following are the 2 major ways of earning from IPOs:
  • Check the number of investment bankers who subscribe to the issue. An IPO is a watershed moment for a company, and its success or failure can have serious long-term consequences.
  • Ask your family members to open Demat accounts. You can subscribe to the initial public offering with your Demat account.
Indigo Paints:
  • The indigo colors are listed at Rs. 2607.5 per share on the BSE, which is a 75% premium over the issue price of Rs. 1490 per share
  • The IPO was subscribed 117 times. The offering had received offers for 64.58 million shares compared to Lac’s size of 55.18 shares
Upcoming IPOs in 2021: Studds Accessories:
  • The company is a manufacturer of helmets, motorcycle accessories, and riding equipment. Studds started working in 1973.
  • The managing director of the company stated in an interview in August 2020 that the company has an approximate market share of around 30%, which will expand to 40% in the next three years.
SAMHI Hotels:
  • The size of the IPO is 1,800 to 2,000 rupees.
  • This includes a 1,100 rupee reissue.
  • The business can use the proceeds to pay off debts and for general corporate purposes.
Annai Infra Developers:
  • The size of the IPO is expected to be between Rs 200-250.
  • The company is an engineering, procurement, and Construction Company specialized in water and irrigation management.
Shyam Steel:
  • The size of the IPO will be Rs 500 million, which will be a combination of a sell offer and a reissue.
  • The company is based in Kolkata.
Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels:
  • The hotel chain can raise to Rs 1,000 when it goes public.
  • The initial public offering can include a new issue of up to Rs 400 billion and an Offer to Sell (OFS) of up to Rs 600 billion.
Barbecue Nation Hospitality:
  • Barbecue Nation, which operates a chain of restaurants in many cities.
  • Of the total size of the issue of Rs 1,000 to 1,200, about Rs 275 will be a new issue.
  • The proceeds from the IPO can be used for outstanding loans and corporate purposes.
  • The company operates more than 130 branches in India.

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