Which Credit Report Errors should you dispute?

Some are major errors which affect your credit score. When you come across these kinds of errors, it is better to raise a dispute for it as early as possible. The most concerning errors are those that could hurt your scores or the ones that suggest identity theft. Those include:

  • Wrong account status (such as a payment mistakenly reported late when you paid on time).
  • Negative information that’s too old to be reported; most derogatory marks on your credit must be removed after seven years.
  • An ex–spouse incorrectly listed on a loan or credit card.
  • Wrong account numbers or accounts that aren’t yours.
  • Inaccurate credit limits or loan balances.
  • Accounts you don’t recognize.
  • Addresses where you’ve never lived.

Hope this is enough for you to understand what you should do and what you should not do. But you would have a question that after finding errors, which should be disputed, and how should they be disputed.

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