Who can view my Credit Report?

It is not just potential lenders or creditors can view your credit report, but employers may also access your credit report. Your credit report and credit score can be assessed by several kind of organization such as–

  • Banks check your credit report when you approach them for any credit facility. Even if you opt for an overdraft facility, then also the bank may pull your credit report as it is considered as a line of credit.
  • Current or potential creditors and lenders including NBFCs (Non–Banking Financial Company) like credit card issuers, agriculture banks or small banks, auto lenders etc.,check your credit report and score to determine your creditworthiness.
  • Employers or potential employers may also access your credit report before hiring, but in India it is not yet acceptable and legal compared to foreign countries.
  • A company whom you hired for your credit rectification work or to monitor your credit report for signs of identity theft.
  • You can also access your own credit report.

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