Credit Scoring and Credit Scoring Model

Everyone out there has one question in common, that is “how my credit score calculated?” But before that we should know about what credit scoring is and what credit scoring model is. “Credit Scoring” is a statistical system creditors use to determine whether to give you credit or not, they determine your creditworthiness in terms […]
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CIBIL Rank and Commercial Credit Report

If you think of applying for a business loan, irrespective of the amount, lenders or banks will assess your creditworthiness and comprehend whether you are eligible for loan or not. The decision is based on some factors such as your past credit history, loan amount on your company’s name, and more. This creditworthiness is quantified […]
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Health Insurance Companies make mockery on PPN Package Part 2

…Health insurance is a technical concept wherein there are a lot of complicated jargons used in the policy. PPN in health insurance stands for Preferred Provider Network. It is a network of hospitals which are tied up with the health insurance company to provide cashless health claim settlements to policyholders. PPN rates are specialized rates […]
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